Sustainably Crafted & Organically Grown

Ingredients with Integrity 



Honesty is important to us. That is why we have full transparency of our growing, harvesting, sourcing, and production practices. We never use pesticides or harmful chemicals on our plants or in any of our products. Our farm and the farms we source from utilize organic and sustainable practices at each stage of production so that we can ensure the health of our earth, ourselves, and our community.

Plant Power 

PLANTS HAVE POWER. They have the power to heal us; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Which makes us all plant people.

We help others discover they are plant people too by providing holistic herbal products, urban permaculture design, and gardening education services. We do this because society is divided, and our mission is to bring all people together through the wisdom of plants.



Plant People

We haven't always known that we were plant people. Growing up on the outskirts of Portland, OR in the middle of a food desert and concrete jungle didn't provide us with the environment to discover nature early on. But as adults we began to see for ourselves first hand the harm that modern life can cause. After becoming overweight, battling chronic illness, and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, we discovered the healing power and ancient wisdom of plants for our various health issues where modern medicine had failed. We started our journey to remembering who we were; before things were Black and White and discovered that we are all plant people, whether we know it or not. 


Landscape Design Services

We offer sustainable permaculture landscape design services focused on edible and medicinal plants that can be grown in urban or rural settings both big and small here in the Pacific Northwest. This includes consultation, site evaluation, design, planting, and education on upkeep for clients. For more information please send inquires to 

Five ElementsEducation Farm & Food Forest

We have out grown our tiny urban permaculture farm and are looking for land to start a large scale farm & food forest where we will grow herbs for our products, educate locals on small scale urban agriculture, plant based eating, and herbalism. Profits from our "Magic Salves" go directly to funding land acquisition for the farm and food forest. Our goal is to have enough funds raised to purchase the land by Summer 2019. For now we use the mini urban farm to teach our young son the importance of food production, eating a whole food plant based diet, and plant medicine. If you know of or have land you’d be interested in lending to our cause please contact us.