Bee Where You Are

Life is not about where you are going but rather it’s where you are right now that holds meaning and value to your existence. 

Too many times are we caught up believing that we have to have our ish together before anybody will accept and love us. Too many of us think that happiness is on the other side of town, forcing us to leave our place to be where others are. 

Food For Thought

If somebody does not accept you in your current status then they better be helping you get to that higher place.  And if a person does not Love you wholistically, then that love is not unconditional and is undeserving of your time.

The truth is: just trying to be who and what You want to be is enough. If you have figured out your path; if you know how you can be useful to yourself and your community and are attacking that vision or that dream with passion, dedication and persistent effort.... you’re doing it brother.... you’re living it sister. 

Fact: there are hurdles and obstacles at every corner of life; limiting factors to ones potentiality that make it hard to accept another absolute truth: every breath taken on this bee-utiful earth is a blessing worth counting. Each day we have the privilege to choose our destiny; we can either hit the snooze button or we can rise before the alarm goes off into a Present reality that we create.