Lavender Honey Magic Salve- 1 oz

Lavender Honey Magic Salve- 1 oz


Our Lavender Honey Magic Salve is a herbal balm made in Portland, Oregon with organic, locally grown, sourced and produced ingredients. This healing balm can be used externally on cuts, scrapes, dry skin, chapped lips, rashes, acne, and other skin ailments. It is safe for everyone to use; from infants to adults. You could also use it as a solid perfume. The scent is subtle and no over powering for those with sensitivities. No Chemicals, All Organic, and 100% Natural.

1 oz per tin.

Ingredients: Organic Herb Infused Olive Oil (olive oil, calendula flower, lavender flower, lemon balm, rose petals), Organic Beeswax, Organic Honey, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil

We have chosen to use beeswax and honey instead of plant based or synthetic wax alternatives because of their natural antibiotic and anti microbial properties which current vegan options don’t have. Commercially available plant waxes are usually much worse for the environment than what local bees can provide. Our beeswax and honey are made locally in Portland by a 30 year veteran beekeeper who treats his bees with care and respect

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